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Ivan Foo

Consultant Plastic Surgeon

MBBS (London), FRCS (Eng), FRCS (Ed), FRCS(Plast).

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Ear Correction


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prominant ear correction

What are the aims and benefits of performing Ear Correction surgery?

The aim of ear correction surgery is to help correct & improve the undesirable appearance of prominent ears without leaving any obvious signs that surgery has taken place.

Why is Prominent Ear Correction surgery performed?

Ear correction surgery can be performed on children and adults, although it is most commonly performed on children of school age. Not all children with protruding ears have their ears set back, although many will become self-conscious if they are teased at school and many of those will go on to have surgery.

How is Prominent Ear Correction surgery performed?

The shape of the ear is determined by the shape of the cartilage and often in prominent ears, the fold of the cartilage (Anti-Helical fold) is absent or poorly developed. Ear prominence is usually corrected by reshaping this cartilage.

Ear correction surgery is usually performed under general anaesthesia, although in adults, local anaesthetic can be considered. It takes about an hour and patients are usually discharged on the same day.

During the procedure, an incision is made at the back of the ear to expose the cartilage, which is then carefully reshaped to form an anti-helical fold. When a satisfactory position of the cartilage is achieved, the skin is then folded back and sutured (stitched) in place. Dressings are then applied and held in place with head bandage.

Important advice to follow before surgery

Are there any risks or complications associated with Ear Correction surgery?

Although every care is taken to minimise complications, these can occur. This list is not exhaustive and will be discussed in more detail at your consultation. Most scars heal well and are easily covered by the hair.

Minor complications:

Other complications (rare):

Local anaesthetic is injected around the ear even in patients who are asleep for their operation. This will mean that there will be some discomfort felt initially after this wears off. Severe pain is often a sign of a haematoma (bleeding under the bandage). We must be notified so that the bandage can be checked by Mr Foo.

Guide to recovery after Ear Correction:

                               Activity                                       Timescale

                     Return to work                                    1-2 weeks  

                         Driving                                            1 week  

                   Sport or aerobics                                  4-6 weeks  

                       Swimming                                         6 weeks  

                        Makeup                                           1 week  

                      Hair colour                                        4-6 weeks  

                        Flights                                           2-4 weeks


You will be seen one week after surgery, when all bandages, dressings and sutures (stitches) from behind the ear will be removed. You will then be instructed to wear a light head bandage for 4 weeks at night whist the ear cartilage is healing. There will be some bruising and swelling which is normal and may take 2-4 weeks to settle. You should not undertake any strenuous activity for the first week and most children will stay off school. Heavy activity or sports is not recommended for 4-6 weeks.

Special note to all patients considering Ear Correction surgery

This is a general description of Ear Correction surgery and its typical recovery.

However, recovery times and risks will vary between individuals and Mr Foo will discuss this in more detail with you at consultation