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Ivan Foo

Consultant Plastic Surgeon

MBBS (London), FRCS (Eng), FRCS (Ed), FRCS(Plast).

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Brow Lift


facial cosmetic surgery, forehead lift,

anti-aging surgery

What are the aims and benefits of performing Browlift surgery?

The aim of a Browlift is to help reverse the undesirable signs of ageing on the upper face by lifting the eyebrow to a more youthful position. This procedure is often performed in conjunction with upper eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) and/or a facelift in facial rejuvenation.


Why is Browlift surgery performed?

The changes of skin and soft tissue laxity that occur with age not only affect the face but also the forehead. As this sign of ageing progresses, the eyebrow can begin to descend (droop), causing an appearance of heaviness and tiredness, eventually contributing to a hooded appearance of the upper lid.

How is Browlift surgery performed?

Newer endoscopic techniques to lift and rejuvenate the brow have now replaced the original technique of using a large open incision across the scalp called a Coronal browlift. If an endoscopic technique is used, then a series of short incisions will be made behind the hairline so that the eyebrows and surrounding tissues can then be repositioned and anchored in a higher position. This technique offers the advantage of keeping incision length to a minimum and in most cases the opportunity of completely hiding the incisions behind the hairline

An experienced surgeon will always take special care not to reposition the brow too high to avoid producing a startled look.

This procedure is typically performed under general anaesthetic and there are usually no bandages or dressings used following this procedure. If this procedure is performed singularly then it is usual for recovering patients to stay in hospital overnight or between 2-3 days if this procedure is performed in combination with a Facelift.

Important advice to follow before surgery

Minor complications:

More serious complications:

Guide to recovery after a Browlift:

                              Activity                                Timescale

                   Return to work                               2 weeks  

                         Driving                                    2 weeks  

                        Aerobics                                   6 weeks  

                       Swimming                                  6 weeks  

                        Makeup                                    1 week  

                      Hair colour                                  4 weeks  

                        Flights                                      6 weeks  

This procedure can also be carried out in conjunction with the following procedures:

Special note to all patients considering Browlift surgery

This is a general description of a Browlift and its typical recovery.

However, recovery times and risks will vary between individuals and Mr Foo will discuss this in more detail with you at consultation.