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Ivan Foo

Consultant Plastic Surgeon

MBBS (London), FRCS (Eng), FRCS (Ed), FRCS(Plast).

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Breast Reduction

Smaller breasts, and lighter breast, cosmetic breast surgery

What are the aims and benefits of performing Breast Reduction surgery?

The objective of Breast Reduction surgery is to surgically create a smaller and lighter breast in proportion to an individual's figure.

Breast Reduction is one of the most successful cosmetic breast operations. This operation can help women of all ages and has many benefits, usually relieving women of a variety of problems such as, back, neck & shoulder discomfort, rounding of the shoulders and poor posture, all caused from the weight of heavy pendulous breasts.

Women who have overly large breasts frequently complain that the weight of their breasts cause indentation & soreness of the shoulders from bra straps. They especially notice discomfort and soreness under the breasts in the summer and experience difficulty in buying clothes to fit. Women also feel self-conscious from unwanted attention.


How is Breast Reduction surgery performed?

Skin and excess breast tissue is removed via a series of incisions that run under the breast, up the midline of the lower breast and around the margin of the areola (the pigmented skin that surrounds the nipple). The nipple is then repositioned, resulting in a more aesthetic, uplifted and smaller breast. This procedure cannot be performed without scaring although to many who suffer with overly large breasts, the benefits of this procedure outweigh considerations about scaring.

Breast Reduction is always performed under general anaesthetic and takes between 2 - 2 ½ hours to perform. Patients typically stay in hospital for 2 nights following a procedure.

Important advice to follow before surgery

Are there any risks or complications associated with Breast Reduction surgery?

Although every care is taken to minimise complications, these can occur. This list is not exhaustive and will be discussed in more detail at your consultation.

Minor complications:

More serious complications:

Guide to recovery after Breast Reduction:

                    Activity                            Timescale

         Wearing a wired bra                      6 weeks  

             Return to work                       2-3 weeks  

                  Driving                              2 weeks  

            Aerobics & sport                       6 weeks  

                Swimming                            6 weeks  

            Massage Scars                       2-3 weeks  

                 Flights                               6 weeks  

Scars following breast reduction

The most common procedure is the "Wise pattern reduction". This results in the inverted "T" scar, with a scar around the nipple, a short vertical scar going down to the breast crease and then a scar along the crease in the shape of an anchor. In smaller reductions, a vertical scar technique may be used. Most scars heal well, although some widening of the scar is common. In the early stages, the scars will appear red and firm. Over 12 - 18 months, as the scars mature they will soften and fade

Breast Feeding

You will not be able to breast feed after breast reduction, although after pregnancy some lactation will occur as the nipple is still connected to the remaining breast tissue.

Nipple sensation

This may be reduced and occasionally, nipple sensation may be lost completely.

Bra size following surgery

It is not possible to guarantee a specific bra or cup size but your goals and what can be reasonably achieved will be discussed with you at the consultation.

Following a breast reduction there will be some asymmetry but this is usually small and no more that the usual degree of asymmetry which existed before the operation.

Special note to all patients considering Breast Reduction surgery

This is a general description of Breast Reduction surgery and its typical recovery.

However, recovery times and risks will vary between individuals and Mr Foo will discuss this in more detail with you at consultation.